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Renewable and Alternative Energy Options in Prince Albert

Invest in the Future with Renewable Energy in Prince Albert

You need an experienced electrician to ensure you get the most out of your power. But why not take your energy efficiency one step further?


By opting for alternative energy, you can help protect the environment. Make an investment in the future of the earth as well as your home or business by choosing renewable energy in Prince Albert.


Alternative Energy Options

Sweeney Electric Ltd has been serving the area since 1914. Our locally owned and operated company provides a wide variety of energy sources for you to use. Some of these include:


  • Wind:  Kinetic energy from the wind can be converted into usable electrical power, so take advantage of this easy way to power your operation.

  • Thermal:  Solar thermal heating can be used for domestic hot water and space heating. Heating accounts for a vast amount of energy consumption in a North American home.

  • Solar:  Few things rival the power of the sun, so why not harness that power? Solar energy relies on radiant light and heat to generate power.

With these flexible options, you'll find the perfect alternative energy source for your situation. Contact Sweeney Electric Ltd. at (306) 763-4212 to discover ways we can power your commercial, residential, or industrial site. 


Sweeney Electric Ltd - Serving Saskatchewan and Western Canada


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