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Testimonials from Our Customers 

At Sweeney Electric, our customers are our best sales people, spreading the word and encouraging others to give us a call. Sweeney Electric does more than install and service electrical systems, they educate their clients to ensure they understand what they're getting at the end of a job. Here's what a few of them had to say about the products and services provided by Sweeney Electric Ltd.

Daryl and Anne Reaume, Tisdale - "I've always been interested in alternative energy, it just makes sense," says Daryl Reaume. "Some of us aren't satisfied simply flicking on a light switch. We want something that actually generates the power." The Reaumes put in a microinverted seven kilowatt grid tied solar system on their acreage in 2009.

Larry Wagner, Christopher Lake - "Sweeney Electric put in my off-grid solar system on my last place... it was so nice not having a power bill. Allowed me to spend that money on other things like building a garage and doing some landscaping." In the coming years, Wagner said he will have Sweeney Electric solar power his new home as well.

Thomas Porter, Prince Albert - "When I wanted to switch to alternative energy, Dan and the guys at Sweeney Electric were there with me every step of the way," said Porter. "It was more than selling a product for them. You could tell it was something they're passionate about. I learned a lot and would recommend them to anyone."

Barry Brown, Prince Albert - "I am one of those guys who never learned how to do various skills relating to house construction, plumbing, electrical work, etc, etc.  Therefore I have always relied on professional contractors to upgrade our home to the highest standard, as well as doing it on time and in a very professional manner. Therefore I would like to recommend Sweeney Electric as a very reliable, competent company to service any business establishment or home, etc., for your electrical installations or upgrades. You will certainly be very satisfied."

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