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Learn about Thermal Energy in Prince Albert


Explore Your Energy Options with Thermal Energy in Prince Albert


Heating accounts for 65% of the typical energy consumption in the North American home. By relying solely on fossil fuels we contribute to environmental degradation. Your home or business still needs energy, but you want to save the environment and save money at the same time. What should you do?


Fortunately for you, advancements in alternative energy sources occur each day. Sweeney Electric Ltd. is happy to help you investigate some newer alternative energy options that save money and help the earth, including thermal energy. Your Prince Albert home or business will benefit when you take the time to invest in newer technologies that can give you a huge return on investment.


Benefits of Thermal Energy


By investing in thermal energy solutions you can save money and the environment.  Solar thermal heating technology is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.  Implementation of such technology is one of the most cost effective ways of getting into alternative energy.


Rewards from Sweeney Electric, Ltd.


Reap immediate rewards by letting us provide your home or business with renewable thermal energy. Along with helping the environment, you can help yourself by participating in our referral rewards program. For every person you inspire to invest in thermal energy, our company returns the favor. This way, you can spread the knowledge and empowerment for alternative and thermal energy in Prince Albert. Call us at (306) 763-4212 for more information today.

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