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Wind Power Options in Prince Albert


Consider Alternative Wind Power in Prince Albert

Wind energy represents yet another option for generating electricity. To harness this kind of electricity, turbines use wind's kinetic energy to produce power for homes, farms, and businesses.


Sweeney Electric Ltd. is the long serving alternative energy contractor in Saskatchewan. For the last three decades, we have helped homeowners and companies reduce their dependence on utility power, cut energy costs, and make the world a better place with wind power in Prince Albert.




A professional installation from our qualified team ensures a safe and long-lasting wind power system.


During installation, Sweeney Electric Ltd. first conducts an on-site evaluation to determine your wind resource. Our team then designs an alternative energy system based on your energy potential. Whether your wind power generator connects to the grid or not, our experts ensure your satisfaction. 


Our wind turbine systems are suitable for use on rural properties.




With proper installation and maintenance, your wind electrical system should last more than 20 years. At Sweeney Electric Ltd., we have the expertise to provide routine maintenance and service. To ensure safety and longevity maintenance must include:


  • Inspecting bolts and electrical connections

  • Checking for corrosion and wear

  • Lubrication


Our staff also prides itself in being able to troubleshoot any unforeseen problems that might arise.


Contact Us


If you want to generate your own green energy, installing a wind power system at your Prince Albert area rural property may be an option. Contact us today at (306) 763-4212 for more information. Our wind installers will happily answer any questions and explain the benefits of wind power. 

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