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Solar Energy Options in Prince Albert

Embrace the Power of the Sun with Solar Energy in Prince Albert


Alternative energy sources aren't brand new by any means, especially solar energy. Over the past several decades, solar energy has evolved and become more affordable in a variety of applications. From powering farming operation through to large commercial plants, there's no limit to the power of solar energy in Prince Albert and throughout the world.


At Sweeney Electric Ltd., we strive to offer all of our customers a variety of alternative energy sources. When you need the advice, repairs, or electrical products to start your solar energy projects off right, we'll be there to provide it all.


Solar Energy Services


We provide the necessary equipment to get you started, as well as full electrical service. Rely on us to install, maintain and repair your solar energy system from beginning to end.


We are fully capable of meeting your needs, whether they are industrial, commercial, or residential. Our team of licenced technicians knows how to handle problems both large and small. Consult us for your project development and site surveys. We'll supply accurate analyses of potential sites to help you go forward.


Education and Empowerment


Whether or not you've dabbled in alternative energy sources before, we don't mind providing basic information. It's understandable to have many questions when you're investing in a new energy source. For this reason, you can always consult Sweeney Electric Ltd. with any questions regarding solar energy. We'll answer your questions while we help motivate you to start your journey.


Prince Albert and the surrounding area can benefit greatly from the advantages of solar energy. Take steps to help the environment and your pocketbook today by investing in alternative energy. To find out more about benefits of solar energy in Prince Albert, contact us at (306) 763-4212 today.

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